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Design - Build Services
Clients select a design-build arrangement when they want to work with one contract entity, instead of several contractors and consultants. As the design-builder, CPM provides comprehensive design and construction services through one point of contact.
By bringing all project team members together in the design phase, the construction design-build approach helps faster a more successful partnership
Our approach is built on keeping customers focused on their core business and not worrying about construction cost overruns and schedule delays. We’ve developed a successful system to keep track of the details for your design/build projects.
1. With the client, we will set up a project kick-off meeting to establish a shared idea of the functional, aesthetic, economic and schedule requirements for the proposed development. Comprehensive checklists will facilitate conversation and ensure that all the right information is conveyed and understood.
2. Based on that information, we will assemble the architectural, civil, and structural design team needed to fully assess your project requirements. Their in-depth study :
  •  Evaluate current facility needs, as well as 5-and 10-year expansion needs.
  •  Evaluate the potential site or sites to determine the optimal site for the facility that will maximize site efficiency and meet your goals based on form and function.
  •  Generate both a site plan (showing the proposed structure’s optimal location, building expansion areas, and all site improvements such as drive lanes, parking and dock areas, walkways, and landscaped areas) and floor plans (showing the interior layout of office areas/ racking area layout based on the program developed in the initial meeting.)Preliminary building elevations will be included in these plans.
3. These preliminary site plans, floor plans and building elevations will be forwarded to you for approval. Once approved, these documents shall serve as the preliminary project plans. While we are very comfortable leading the design team, we have also been involved in many successful projects where the owner directs the design team and our team helps provide cost-effective solutions to design issues.
4. With the preliminary project plans, we will begin pricing your project using these steps:
  • We will use in-house cost databases, in addition to specific local subcontractor and vendor input, to create an economic model for the project. Various options will also be evaluated on a cost and schedule basis and presented with the proposal.
  • A complete project schedule will be developed showing preconstruction, design, permitting and construction tasks and durations.
  • A detailed Outline Specification will denote all work included and excluded, to establish the baseline scope of work.
  • Finally, the proposal letter will define the project cost and will be presented in person so that our team has the opportunity to completely cover the project scope of work, schedule and costs with you. We believe that a well  organized presentation and understanding of the work by all parties is the key to the start of a successful project.
At the close of the proposal process, you will know the maximum project cost, scope of work, schedule and various options and alternatives to choose from. At no time shall the cost to you exceed the price for the scope of work defined in our proposal.
We can facilitate a geotechnical and a civil topographic survey at your request. These costs are typically minimal relative to the overall project costs and the risk associated with these unknowns.
Once construction begins we make it easy for our clients to keep up-to-date, project progress photos on a regular basis, weekly project updates and project coordination meetings as frequently as you desire.
After construction is completed, we will provide you with a complete set of record documents for your entire project, including as-built drawings, a quality control manual and a close-out manual. This will allow you to quickly reference any of the components relating to the maintenance or operation of your facility. You also have our firm commitment that we will not disappear after you have taken possession of your new facility, but will make a series of follow-up visits to ensure your total satisfaction .
 Also we offer warranty as per industry standards and as per your  request we can set up a maintenance plan specific for your needs.
Drawing on the team’s combined expertise, CPM  addresses project design and building construction requirements, within the budget and schedule parameters, resulting in less potential for project escalation. Also, CPM can implement a fast track approach, starting construction before the total design is complete. This is important if you require the delivery of a cost-effective, quality facility on a reduced schedule.
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